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Hate Is Insecurity In Disguise; The Media Has Discombobulated Our Values | Ella Nugent

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      as children some of us were

    lucky enough

  to dream about who we wanted

to be

the size of our lips or breasts

      not being a priority

now socialized by social media striving

to be the next        insta-queen

thousands of us blinded, failing to see

     that the followers,


            and likes

will never be the key

if we look in the mirror

and dislike what we see



unmasked       vulnerability

everyone wants    reassurance

but we all choose to         hate


we hate because we are unhappy with       ourselves

our vicious words are desperate cries out for



we drag others down so they can match our


  so we know

that we are not



in our        misery.

pushing others down

           will not pull us up.

the King once said that hate can not

drive out


           only love can do that

self hate cannot be undone  

        by the hate we expel



        be kind to yourself

simple words

    a strenuous task

but it’s harder to live

with eternal sadness and pain

   to feel ashamed of the things you can not change

caught up in social standards

    morals in       disarray

how many people can honestly say

there were times they didn’t pray

to look



a different way?

we must learn to appreciate

the way that we are made

                               because it hurts.

to never feel like enough.



     you     are enough.


the worst thing that you can do

   is to give up

and continue          to criticize

because your “flaws” are only flaws

    in your own eyes.


~ hate is insecurity in disguise,

the media has discombobulated our values


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