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Sincerely, A Typical Black Girl | Ella Nugent

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Sincerely, A Typical Black Girl;


Well excuse me if I come across as rude

Or it seems as though I have that ‘black girl attitude’

But i’m tired

Here’s my issue, see

I don’t see it as flattery

If you think the only way

I could be pretty

Is if white blood was apart of me

“I guess she’s pretty for a black girl”

“I guess she’s pretty for a black girl”

The first time I heard it my head began to swirl

I wanted to feel gracious

But my heart stopped me

The reason was obscure

I was angry

And suddenly, felt quite insecure

Well sure

It’d be a compliment without those final words

Words that are used to try and justify my beauty

Can I not just be pretty?

Must they add ‘for a black girl’?

It’s a backhanded remark

That makes us look crazy if we react

Maybe it was supposed to be a compliment

But it feels like an attack

But me, oh lucky me see I basically have a pass

Light skin, curly hair

Smart kid with some class

More ideal

They think i’m more like them

They think i’m more like them

So they hate me less

So afraid of difference

Whoever’s different, they’ll oppress

But it’s not about me

It’s about my cocoa sisters

With the beautiful fros

And the melanin that glows

The ones who society chose

To use their malicious ideals

To try and fill their hearts and heads with self-hate

Who face the world day after day

With a tough facade

But never feeling like enough

Skin not light enough

Hair not nice enough

Growing up insecure even around black men

Because even some black men don’t treat their women like the queens they are

They diss them and discard them

Hurt and leave a scar

But they aren’t all like Kanye and see black women as less

There are the black men like Tupac

And those are the ones that I respect

I digress

I’m tired of the stereotypes

Here, I’ll give you the scale

It goes from talking like you’re ratchet to talking like you’re white

Since talking like i’m white is a synonym for pronouncing my words right

Supposedly, I don’t act black enough

Last time I checked you couldn’t put a box around a whole race

And you can not judge my intelligence by looking at my face

You know what I mean

I don’t talk like a “black girl”

Yelling, cursing, making a scene

Nah, not me

I pronounce my words according to Oxford Dictionary

You know, I find that stereotype quite funny

I’m not sure if you got the memo

But uh,

Black women are the most educated group in North America

Scornful words been hurled at us since proclamation


But still we rise

Over the hatred we continue to receive

Low expectations, yet we still thrive

Definition of ‘beauty’ redefined

We see through the ignorance, no longer blind

Black queens raise up your fists in pride

So no, see, I’m not rude

And I definitely don’t have that ‘black’ attitude

Don’t have to be too extra, or speak real loud

To be a black woman

To be a black woman

And be proud


-Ella Nugent

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