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Passing Me By | Saibrielle Bonner

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Click, Clack, Thump thump

The combining sounds of my loud footsteps

Shuffling to the warmth



All around, burning deep into the ground

Brown, Blue, Green, even red

A world full of colourful eyes yet so dull,

Passing by



Blasting inaudible and incomprehensible words

That hold no meaning

Behind the heavy beat and rumbling bass



Cold and rubbing together

Trying to grasp and create heat,

On a warm summer evening



With the small electrical device

That can fit tight inside my squared pocket

Like a hand in a warm  glove



Cold with wet sweat dripping down

Unable to stop



That word stuck in my

Clogged throat


Ah- chu.

Sounds, heard from outside my earphones

From the nearby sick ward


Gas, lights, cars

Simply, passing by




Awaiting my ride

But every single car seems to

Pass me by.


Until the very last second,

The stench of the sickness.

The stench of the thick, polluted air

That suffocated me.

The stench of high class perfume

Seemed to be the only things that

Would not pass me by


And I was sick of it

Until the last  moment

My car slowly pulled up

Excitement, joy, all these emotions bursted out of me

Like a jack in the box

As I jumped into the car


Since then,

I swore to myself

This will be the last time

Something or Someone

Will pass me by

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